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Interest sought for BMD Working Group

Applications are now open for the new Balanced Mix Design (BMD) Implementation Working Group.

NAPA is partnering with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to bring together asphalt professionals from all sectors of industry from across the country to develop frameworks, research needs, and tackle problems to help agencies and industry make informed decisions as they move forward with implementing balanced mix design.

While this group is being led by NAPA staff, it is critical that agencies and academia participate to ensure balanced conversations take place at the meetings. An official charter for the group and working group guidelines are posted on the working group webpage to provide more information on the makeup and scope of the group. It is our plan to try and hold a virtual meeting this spring and then meet in person over the summer or early fall. FHWA will be helping provide travel support for agencies and academia who are members of the group.

While membership is limited, all who apply and do not make the membership list are encouraged to be friends and participate in the meetings.

Applications are due Feb. 23, and members will be notified by early to mid-March. If you have any questions, please contact Richard Willis and Brett Williams.

Feb. 15 Webinar: Expand Your BMD Knowledge

Register now for the latest in the Deployment of Asphalt Pavement Technologies (DAPT) webinar series: BMD Peer-To-Peer Exchanges: Findings and Challenges to Implementation.

The FHWA moderates the DAPT webinars, which are hosted by the University of Nevada, Reno.

Those who attend the BMD P2P Exchanges webinar will learn and understand the state motivations for considering BMD approaches and the role of sustainability in BMD practice. Attendees will become aware of critical challenges faced by State DOTs in implementing BMD procedure and will come away with the ability to identify the needs for advancing BMD implementation.

Previous webinars in the series are available on demand from the Western Regional Superpave Center website.

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