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Hey NAPA & the New Age of Tools

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By Ingevity’s Jason Bausano & NAPA’s Brett Williams

In the nerve center of an asphalt plant, while tons of mix are produced and shipped, a seasoned operator is ready at the controls. But this isn’t your typical day at the plant.

The tool they wield isn’t a service manual or a trusted reference document — it’s Hey NAPA, an AI chatbot purpose-built for asphalt professionals. As lines of text flow, something intriguing unfolds: the plant operator isn’t merely killing time with the AI; they’re absorbing insights they can apply to their daily operations.

napa and the new age of tools

Generative AI, like Hey NAPA, defies convention. It troubleshoots gradations, develops interactive training programs with instantaneous feedback for new team members, and converses like a seasoned colleague. But beyond mimicry lies a deeper quest: co-intelligence — the fusion of human expertise and machine intelligence.

Why embrace these tools? Because in our industry, Hey NAPA is not just a novelty; it is a tool that aids in ways not seen before. Hey NAPA opens doors to uncharted territories where seasoned wisdom meets data-driven insights.

Join the growing group of Hey NAPA users as we explore the unknowns, celebrate breakthroughs, and pave the way toward a future where technology continues to serve the asphalt community.


With the fast evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), the development of the Hey NAPA AI-powered chatbot tool changes the game. Developed by XBE through a strategic collaboration with the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), Hey NAPA revolutionizes how industry resources and data are accessed and applied within the asphalt industry.


Hey NAPA is trained on decades of data
from partners like NCAT.
  • Sophisticated AI Model: Hey NAPA is powered by the latest ChatGPT model, which is a sophisticated Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT). The tool harnesses the AI Large Language Model to simulate an asphalt industry expert panel, providing immediate and comprehensive responses to prompts related to asphalt pavements and the asphalt industry.
  • Data-Driven Expertise: Its strength also lies in extensive training on industry-specific data from NAPA’s technical library and collaborative efforts with partner organizations. These include the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University, the Airfield Asphalt Pavement Technology Program, and the Federal Highway Administration. Hey NAPA acts as a digital repository of expertise, able to communicate in numerous languages, and accessible to industry professionals and researchers throughout the world.


  • Interactive Platform: Beyond mere responses, Hey NAPA integrates direct links to source documents. NAPA’s resource repository becomes a free, interactive, user-centric digital platform.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: Hey NAPA not only provides direct links to source documents but also offers the ability to share chats via static URLs. Users can engage in interactive conversations with peers, featuring URL links to relevant interactions within Hey NAPA.


  • Problem Solving Assistance: The AI component of Hey NAPA is crafted to aid users in troubleshooting and problem-solving. Leveraging the collective knowledge and data amassed byNAPA and its partners, Hey NAPA swiftly provides precise answers and recommendations. Importantly, this AI-driven support system considers multiple responses for each user prompt, evaluating numerous potential directions and solutions. By tailoring recommendations to the specific circumstances and needs of the user, Hey NAPA encourages exploration of innovative methodologies and fosters a culture of creativity and innovation within a user’s operational practices.
  • Tailored Training and Knowledge Enhancement: Hey NAPA customizes training programs to meet users’ current experience levels. Whether you’re new to the asphalt industry or a seasoned professional, Hey NAPA adapts its outputs to provide relevant information. This allows Hey NAPA to assist in swiftly integrating new perspectives and innovators into your organization, fostering a knowledgeable and forward-thinking workforce.

Advance your asphalt knowledge with Hey NAPA, download prompting tips, or put the AI tool to the test!


Co-intelligence and its application involve exploring the synergy between human expertise and machine intelligence. The concept is built on the collaborative potential between humans and AI, where each complements the strengths and compensates for the limitations of the other. Here’s how we can utilize Hey NAPA within the concepts of co-intelligence:

  • A Collaborative Co-Worker: The tool serves as a valuable co-worker by assisting in various collaborative tasks. It aids in organizing thoughts and information, drafting emails and documents, and adapting formats and messaging for different audiences. Additionally, it provides language translation services and helps generate ideas and brainstorm solutions to problems, contributing to a more efficient and effective work environment.
  • Empowering Creativity: The tool empowers creativity by supporting various creative endeavors. It assists with creative writing projects, providing inspiration and encouraging imaginative thinking. Moreover, it generates unconventional ideas and draws inspiration from diverse disciplines, fostering innovation and exploration. Furthermore, it offers feedback and critique from different perspectives, facilitating continuous growth and development in creative pursuits.
  • Teaching Assistant: The tool can play a crucial role in educational settings. It aids in the creation of lesson plans and curriculum development, ensuring engaging and effective learning experiences for students. Furthermore, it provides feedback and suggestions for improvement on student work, offering personalized support and assistance. It also helps overcome language barriers and creates interactive teaching aids to enhance learning outcomes. Additionally, it facilitates professional development opportunities for educators, contributing to their ongoing growth and improvement.
  • Personal Tutor: The tool offers valuable support and guidance to individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of asphalt related topics. It provides detailed explanations on complex topics and conducts interactive Q&A sessions to reinforce learning. Additionally, it engages in discussions and debates on a wide range of subjects, encouraging critical thinking and intellectual exploration. It grants access to valuable reference materials and documents, enriching the learning experience. Furthermore, it assists in the creation and administration of exams or quizzes to assess knowledge and comprehension. Finally, it clarifies terminology and concepts as needed, ensuring clarity and understanding.


Download a PDF of six Hey NAPA
prompting techniques.

Prompting plays a crucial role in leveraging Hey NAPA effectively, and most users will have a learning curve to find optimal results.

  • Effective Prompting: When prompting Hey NAPA, users will find the best outcomes when communicating clear and specific queries, including contextual information, role definitions, requested format, content limitations, and follow-up questions and conversations. By employing creativity with this convention, users can maximize the relevance and helpfulness of Hey NAPA’s responses and enhance their overall experience with the platform.
  • Beyond Hey NAPA: While Hey NAPA is a powerful tool within the asphalt industry, there is a diverse spectrum of generative AI tools, each possibly offering different potential benefits. Interacting proactively with these tools fosters learning and improvement, maximizing their benefits and driving innovation and efficiency for you as an individual and for the organizations you work for. Embracing the broader landscape of generative AI empowers users to leverage the capabilities of the technology and achieve transformative outcomes.
  • Learning Curve: Maximizing the benefits of ChatGPT, like the Hey NAPA tool, emphasizes the importance of consistent engagement, experimentation with different prompts and features, and being creative and refining approaches. Regular users can enhance their proficiency and leverage ChatGPT to its fullest potential in problem-solving, knowledge acquisition, and collaboration within their work and more broadly in their respective fields.


By integrating Hey NAPA into daily operations and strategic planning, asphalt industry professionals can enhance their collective information and creativity, leading to increased efficiencies. While AI tools continue to evolve in capabilities, we can stay current and grow the industry’s collective understanding by utilizing tools available today, like Hey NAPA.

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