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2024 Graphics & Social Media Calendar Now Available

2024 Social Media Observance Calendar and New Asphalt Delivers Graphics Available

Annually, NAPA creates a social media calendar that outlines recommendations for the asphalt industry to engage its online audiences. The calendar details monthly, weekly, or daily observances, holidays, and create ways to spark conversations and keep your audience updated on the many advantages of asphalt pavements. The materials are a guide to help company marketers, communications personnel, or the social media manager understand the engagement opportunities for its audience. It’s a tool to get you started and even includes some draft language to get your creative juices flowing. The calendar can be found in the members-only portion of NAPA’s website.

In addition, NAPA is announcing the expansion of the Asphalt Delivers campaign. The campaign is designed and marketed to pavement owners via LinkedIn and in 2023 over 2.6 million people. NAPA’s campaign is designed to get pavement owners to interact with the content and drive them to the Asphalt Pavement Alliance (APA) website,, to find the supporting data and relevant reports. The APA is a partnership of the National Asphalt Pavement Association, State Asphalt Pavement Associations, and the Asphalt Institute. The site is designed to be a resource for road owners and these ads pushed over 14,000 users to the website’s resources last year. All members are encouraged to use the Asphalt Delivers materials which are also accessible on the members-only portion of NAPA’s website. Last year the most popular topics included information on asphalt’s speed of construction, smoothness, recyclability, carbon impacts, and dependability. In addition key technologies like polymer and long-life Perpetual Asphalt Pavements were of great interest.

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