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Brand: Forward

New visual identity galvanizes NAPA mission & vision

Down to earth. Solution-oriented. Passionate. Trustworthy. Transparent. Forward.

These are just a few of the words and phrases used to describe NAPA when we kicked off a rebranding exercise in early 2023. To set out on this impactful work, we partnered with GRAPHEK, a design agency whose work elevates associations through creative solutions rooted in research, feedback, and insightful approaches.
Over the following months, we iterated and refined the vision for NAPA’s new brand, honoring those descriptive words, member input (via the Strategic Communications Survey), and real-life use cases.
An effective brand guides and influences the member experience.
NAPA’s logo has undergone changes over the years to reflect the current era. Each iteration has taken on elements from the previous version, honoring the character and respect for tradition that NAPA has as an organization while also allowing it to evolve and grow.
In keeping with this tradition, the logo mark depicts a curved black asphalt road that points to NAPA as an industry leader. Combined with a modern typographic lockup, the NAPA logo conveys an authoritative, modern tone.
The new logo makes its formal debut at our 2024 Annual Meeting, then rolls out across our products
and services.

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