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Who’s Who in Asphalt

Did you know that our member website puts our entire membership at your fingertips?

Log in to search real-time directory information to network with peers, locate suppliers, and engage with national leadership.

Because this information is readily available and up-to-date online, we’re sunsetting the print Member -Directory as you know it. In its place, we’re designing a resource publication to serve as your guide to NAPA benefits, including how to use the member website and how to connect with Associate members for the services and products you’re seeking.

Description: Because NAPA is the voice of the U.S. asphalt pavement industry, NAPA Directory is an essential resource for engaging with your association and industry. Pick up your copy to make the most of your membership or learn why you should become a member. From strategy to specifics, see how NAPA is advancing the asphalt pavement industry from coast to coast.
New Schedule: Fall

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