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Hey NAPA: What’s in a name?

Since its introduction in July 2023, Hey NAPA has answered thousands of asphalt-related queries, but there is still one unanswered question: What’s the name of the Hey NAPA avatar?

It’s up to you! Our green-booted, hard-hat wearing robot avatar has served as a visual representation of our Hey NAPA artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot trained on decades of asphalt pavement white papers carefully curated by NAPA experts, but has never had a name.

NAPA is soliciting suggestions as part of a naming contest through June 15. The winning submission will receive a Hey NAPA swag package.

In naming the Hey NAPA avatar, NAPA is taking a note from the chatbot’s creator, XBE, which presented the virtual research assistant as a gift to the industry when it was first introduced at the NAPA 2023 Midyear Meeting in Kansas City. XBE’s public-facing AI chatbot avatar is named Kayla.

What asphalt pavement questions can Hey NAPA answer for you?

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