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FHWA seeks participation in IIJA working group

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is seeking nominations to participate in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Section 11526 – Working Group on Covered Resources.

Applications are due March 11.

“Covered resources” includes common materials such as stone, sand, and gravel, which are essential for transportation infrastructure asphalt pavement construction and maintenance. The group plays a significant role in ensuring the sustainable development of the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

The Working Group’s mission is to “conduct a comprehensive study on access to covered resources for infrastructure projects. By analyzing their use, proximity, and impact, the Working Group aims to enhance resource accessibility, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impacts.”

Key objectives of the IIJA Section 11526 Working Group on Covered Resources include:

  • Resource Utilization Analysis: The Working Group will examine how covered resources are utilized in transportation projects funded with Federal dollars. Understanding their efficient use is vital for optimizing project outcomes. 
  • Cost and Environmental Impact Assessment: Proximity to covered resources significantly affects project costs and environmental sustainability. We will explore how resource availability influences these factors. 
  • State, Tribal, and Local Considerations: The Working Group will investigate how State, Tribal, and local transportation and planning agencies incorporate covered resources into their project development processes. 
  • Challenges and Solutions: Identifying challenges faced by transportation project sponsors regarding resource access and proximity is essential. We aim to propose practical solutions to address these issues. 

More details on the nomination process can be found on the Federal Register.

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