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Diamond Commendation Program Opens May 1

Showcase your commitment to excellence by applying for a Diamond Commendation

The Diamond Commendation Program recognizes and celebrates excellence in asphalt plant operations, terminal operations, asphalt production, and paving. It’s a symbol of the unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and excellence that companies like yours embody.

Between May 1 and November 15, your company has the opportunity to showcase its commitment to best practices. Applicants who apply early enjoy a longer promotion period and have year-round access to Diamond Marketing materials.

Commendation Categories

  • Diamond Achievement – covers operations in and around the manufacturing plant, addressing appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permits and regulations, and community relations.
  • Diamond Achievement Sustainable – An optional level for the Diamond Achievement Commendation evaluates an asphalt production facility’s sustainability and community engagement efforts. Pursue this commendation within the Diamond Achievement Commendation
  • Diamond Terminal – covers operations in and around the terminal facility site. Aspects addressed include appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance, and community relations.
  • Diamond Quality – involves the quality of the material produced. Areas evaluated include quality management, RAP and aggregate handling, asphalt storage, drying and mixing, air quality, truck scales, silos, and control rooms.
  • Diamond Paving – is designed for paving crews. Areas evaluated include training of supervisors and crew members, use of best practices in paving, and compliance.
2022 Diamond Achievement Winner: Four Corners Materials, A CRH Co., Aztec, New Mexico

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