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Pave It Black Set For Season 7

Since 2020, Richard Wilson and Brett Williams have sparked about the people, issues, and technologies
that drive the asphalt pavement industry forward.

Pave It Black
Season 6: Groundbreaking Projects

In season six of NAPA’s flagship podcast, Pave It Black, Vice President of Engineering, Research, & Technology Richard Willis, PhD, and Director of Engineering & Technical Support Brett Williams explore groundbreaking projects and the people wielding the tools and power to break new ground. Topics range from emerging regulatory and legislative impacts like defining ‘environmentally preferred asphalt’ in episode one to diversifying the industry through affinity groups that recruit and support women and minorities not always readily identified with the industry in episode 10.

In 2024, Pave it Black launches its seventh season, Conversations from the Capital. Join Brett and
Richard to explore regulatory intricacies, gain business insights, and discover innovative
perspectives from industry leaders and government spokespeople.

Catch up on Season Six episodes you may have missed wherever you get your podcasts.
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