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In our Strategic Communications Survey, 44% of respondents said they wanted a microsite – more than any other potential new communications product. According to Naylor, a microsite allows for the type of timely publishing that a print production schedule or newsletter don’t always allow for. Still, you may be wondering: what is a microsite?
NAPA’s microsite serves as a central content hub – your portal into all our communications vehicles, plus bonus content that doesn’t make it into the newsletter, magazine, or elsewhere. It’s your real-time resource for asphalt pavement industry news, when you need it – now!
Hence the name: NAPA Now.
The microsite integrates with our e-newsletter, supporting streamlined emails while preserving timely short- and long-form articles of interest. Visit the microsite to discover bonus magazine articles, gain insights from advertiser-sponsored content, hear what’s new on the Pave It Black podcast, and much more. Use topical tags and searches to easily find what you’re looking for in our archives – a near-impossible task in the old e-news system.
NAPA’s public website (AsphaltPavement.org) remains focused on association topics and events, while our member website (Member.AsphaltPavement.org) remains your portal to member benefits and self-service options like completing your annual update of company and contact details, paying renewal invoices, or reporting tonnage.

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