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NAPA joins Josten J. Day Foundation sponsors

NAPA is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Josten J. Day Foundation, a group in Mississippi dedicated to ending distracted driving. Founded by an employee at NAPA member company Blacklidge, the foundation has three goals:

  • Convert the current Josten J. Day Scholarship into an endowed scholarship with a target value of $40,000 by the year 2027.
  • Enhance visibility and impact of tools dedicated to preventing reckless driving by achieving a minimum of 50 posts or shares through social media platforms.
  • Strengthen collaborative efforts by proactively involving and securing commitment from partners, with the goal of expanding the number of participants in reckless driving awareness initiatives by 20% in the upcoming year.

Remember, April is distracted driving awareness month and Work Zone Safety Awareness week will be April 15-19. Use the WatchFor.Us toolkit to raise awareness for these important causes.

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