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NAPA seeks input for research

Two NAPA research projects are in the data collection phase.

NAPA needs help from the asphalt pavement industry to establish greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions benchmarks and chronicle the nationwide use of innovations like warm-mix asphalt (WMA) & recycled materials.

Both projects are being led by NAPA’s Engineering, Research, and Technology team.

NAPA’s Industry Average Benchmarking Initiative is open through March 15. There is no cost to participate, and companies can submit data for multiple plants.

Benchmarking data will be used for two primary purposes:

The recycling/WMA survey seeks to quantify the use of recycled materials and WMA across the country in 2023.

NAPA aims to have participation from all 50 states and the U.S. territories by June 1.

There is also an additional short survey for companies that complete Cold In-Place Recycling, Cold Central Plant Recycling, Hot In-Place Recycling, and Full Depth Reclamation.

Information provided to these surveys is kept fully confidential and only reported at the state and regional level if more than three companies participate.

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