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NCAT, NAPAREF announce Road Scholars program

In January, NAPA announced a partnership between the NAPA Research and Education Foundation (NAPAREF) and the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University to provide more financial support for graduate students pursuing careers in pavement.

The Road Scholars program aims to raise $3 million for scholarships to help promote the asphalt pavement industry.

“Now is a great time to be a civil engineer and more specifically, a pavements engineer,” said NCAT Director Randy West. “There is a high demand for jobs and opportunities abound to make a difference in asphalt pavement sustainability, resiliency and cost-effectiveness. As we actively recruit new graduate students to our program, the NAPA Road Scholars program will make a huge difference to graduate students who are making an educational investment and contributing to the research at NCAT.”

Learn how your contributions can transform the future of the asphalt pavement industry. Pledge your support in any amount, up to $100,000+, and choose to spread payments over 1 to 5 years.

One outstanding product of NCAT is its graduate students, who are now scattered in all sectors of industry across the U.S. and abroad. They enter the workforce with an outstanding education, ready to tackle issues in the real world of designing, building and maintaining our pavement infrastructure.

The advantages of graduate studies in pavement engineering at Auburn include working on the NCAT Test Track, the world’s only full-scale, highspeed testing facility, as well as cutting-edge laboratory facilities. With 9 pavements engineering faculty members and 11 additional highly qualified NCAT research engineers on staff, each graduate student interacts daily with a phenomenal team of experts who love sharing their knowledge.

NAPA was more than halfway (52 percent) to its goal in late February, and is still seeking contributions.


We invite you to partner with us in support of the NAPA Research and Education Foundation Road Scholars program. Your participation inspires students, exemplifying the ways in which corporations are dedicated to excellence in teaching and research in the asphalt and roadway industry.

While your monetary support is truly transformational, you also provide graduate students the prestige of a named fellowship associated with a leading organization in the industry. NAPA’s named fellowship for students at NCAT not only brings prestige to the recipients, but also to NAPA as a representation of the company’s leadership in the industry.

Your partnership provides:

  • Visibility for your dedication to providing graduate students with support
  • Access to some of the nation’s top students in the asphalt and roadway fields
  • Opportunities to inform and connect with students

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