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Connect your website with Hey NAPA

Hey NAPA link graphics connect your audience with AI-powered asphalt pavement solutions.

NAPA’s artificial intelligence (AI) research assistant, Hey NAPA, references more documents than ever in answering questions from users across the asphalt pavement industry.

Since its introduction in July 2023, the large-language model has responded to more than 1,000 users and now references more than 28,000 pages of documents in answering queries on everything from balanced mix design to residential driveways.

Billed as a gift to the asphalt pavement industry from NAPA associate member XBE, the AI tool creates answers based on white papers from trusted institutions, like the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), selected by NAPA experts.

The response from the industry has prompted NAPA to roll out an opportunity for members to better connect their online audiences with the research tool, which serves to answer questions and approximate solutions to problems from the plant to the paver. Meanwhile, Hey NAPA also serves as an unofficial digital ambassador for the industry, educating the public about the advantages of asphalt pavements, while illustrating for prospective workers how the construction sector is keeping pace with cutting-edge technology.

Connect with Hey NAPA by including the below graphics on your website, linked to


Questions about displaying the button or badge on your website? Contact Ty Johnson.

From corporate boardrooms to classrooms across the country, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as this decade’s most buzzworthy topic, with signs that it will continue to innovate industries as its applications grow.

Learn more about AI and its innovative qualities, including its applications within NAPA’s own trained chatbot, Hey NAPA, in this article from summer 2023.

You can even experience the research power of AI yourself by visiting

Simply sign in with your name and email address to gain access to decades of NAPA research publications via the tool, which accesses NAPA’s extensive knowledge to answer questions on all things asphalt.

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