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From the Top: Springing Into Action, Resiliently

"While there are always new problems to solve, the asphalt pavement industry is always ready to innovate."

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When industry stakeholders gathered in January to celebrate the transfer of NAPA leadership, honor the best in quality asphalt pavements, and tackle tough topics like mental health, there was a singular quality that shone brightly: resilience. It is in our people, our product, our partners, and this organization, fortified by your participation.

A highlight of the 2024 Annual Meeting occurred when we took the stage with Dr. Vince Hafeli of Ajax Paving Industries of Florida at our closing general session (which was a new and engaging portion of NAPA’s signature gathering). Vince’s resilience, openness, and leadership are an inspiration. On behalf of the NAPA Board of Directors, we committed publicly to do our part to stem suicide in construction. Signing the Suicide in Construction Awareness Proclamation was only a first step.

By signing the proclamation, we expand our efforts to also raise awareness of the invisible emotional injuries our workers suffer at a disproportionate rate. 

springing into action

Each spring, as producers and crews across the nation begin to ramp up for the paving season, we activate our Watch For Us campaign to bring public attention to work zone safety and to remind us all to follow protocol, be on our toes, and look out for one another. Alongside our commitment to mental health, the importance of this campaign remains, because there are far too many workers suffering fatalities on our roads each year. We must continue working together to make safety our top priority and raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

The resilient fellowship we enjoy at our Annual Meeting and beyond keeps us excited for the future of our industry: A future rooted in sustainability, innovation, predictable funding, performance-driven specs, and physical and psychological safety for our workers. One group charting that future is our energetic IMPACT Leadership Group (p. 50). They represent the future of your company, our industry, and NAPA leadership.

NAPAREF, through our new Road Scholars program, is also a driving force behind the future of our industry. This program supports graduate students at the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) at Auburn University. NCAT is the premier asphalt pavement research facility in the country, and many of these students go on to have distinguished careers across our industry, from government agencies to your companies. Your support of Road Scholars helps draw the best and brightest to our industry.

While there are always new problems to solve, the asphalt pavement industry is always ready to innovate. As your national voice, NAPA is advancing your interests and innovations. Your engagement and our 2023 – 2025 Strategic Plan (now in year two) guide our work and increase our impact. Read about year one accomplishments in our 2023 Annual Report (NAPAAnnualReport.org) and in the pages of the very first issue of NAPA Quarterly (formerly Asphalt Pavement magazine). As always, we welcome your input, engagement, and feedback.

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